Proofing in Competition

Kindle and I are continuing to work on our skills. Our timing is the hardest skill to refine. I’ve had so many physical changes that its been difficult to nail down our teamwork. I needed a lot of distance before the new knee and now I can run so now I have to reel her back in at times. She also has a habit of taking what’s in front of her instead of checking in so I’ve been working on her checking in with me to see where I need her to go.

At the Thanksgiving Cluster this weekend we had some awesome runs. I was hoping to get a couple days of Double Q’s but consistency is not yet our forte, so we keep working it. I was really pleased Kindle was paying attention to where I wanted her to go and she worked with me instead of just taking what was directly in front of her. I didn’t get video of all my runs but here is our Master standard on Saturday, not a Q but a nice run except for her weave poles.

I’m not sure why she popped her weaves which are one of her strongest skills. She is stressed at this venue but she was much better than the last time we competed here. Heck I am stressed at this venue. There are 4 rings and a lot going on all the time. Her speed was a bit off this run compared to others at the cluster but I was pleased with her overall attention and she checked in with me at the last jump. Nice job all in all.  We ended up with a Q in Open Fast, only one more to finish that title, a Q in Time To Beat and one in Jumpers with Weaves, 6 runs, 3 Q’s a 50% Q rate. I’ll take it!

One more run from the weekend, this is Master Jumpers with Weaves. She tripped me after the weave poles, gave me a start but I kept my feet.