Kaleb an agility dog in the making…

I am loving my new pup even though I’ve not been consistent talking about his training here, he is a blast to work with. He is not as drivey as the cattle dogs yet but he is smart and willing so a lot of fun.

As I start his agility training I want record our progress here and hopefully that will keep me working toward our goals more easily.

I have begun working on obstacle commitment, preliminary contact training and just a little bit of weave pole training. I’ve also done a bit of obedience training but mostly I have been working on play, tricks and basic stuff like sit, down, not pulling on leash and recall. I wanted him to enjoy training and I wanted his brain and body able to deal with the tasks. Already I have found I have to plan shorter sessions then I ever did with Jackaroo and Kindle. They both would have trained for hours if I let them but Kaleb responds better to a shorter session.











He has grown into a beautiful boy and I’m looking forward to all that is coming down the road with this little guy.