AAAHH! More snow!

Ok, I am really trying not to go stark raving mad but geez, how much snow do we have to have?

I officially have spring fever. I am so ready to plant something, put my agility equipment back in the yard. I want to de-winterize the camper and pack it up for a dog show. I want to grill burger and sit on the screen porch with a beer.

But not yet. Yesterday it was over 60 degrees and we trekked through the woods practically in shirt sleeves. But today it was snowing when I got up at 6:30 and continued for most of the day. So now we have about 4 new inches of snow that will have to melt. If my crocuses were coming up I can’t tell now. Oh well, I keep telling myself this can’t last forever!

Here are some pictures of our trek in the woods yesterday. I have been training Kindle to run off leash and she is doing really great. They all had a great run except Tyler who was looking a little too gimpy to go with us.

There was much running
Lots of play!

Arguments over the best sticks

A bit of resting now and again.

Even when we were done they wanted to go again!

Doesn’t Scott look relaxed after our hike?

This is fun but I am looking forward to hikes with warm breezes and being able to shed all the winter layers.