Black Monday

When Dlyn and I (by the way go check out her 1 year of daily blogging celebration give away!) went shopping on Black Friday I think I picked up the black plague somewhere in the mall. So today feels like Black Monday and I am on the couch napping, doing a bit of work and making lists. I will leave you with a few pics of the recent trip to Springfield and the largest AKC agility trial in the country.

Kindle our baby had a wonderful time staying in the motel. We usually take our travel trailer but it is put away for the winter. She did stay in a motel before when I picked her up in Pennsylvania at 9 weeks but she was not allowed free range at that time cause, well cause she was 9 weeks old. This stay she made good use of her time.
She hung out with the other cattle dogs and watched TV.

She was very intrigued with the bathtub, I kept finding her standing in there, just looking around. The other dogs were scandalized since they have to be dragged into the tub!

You can’t see her in this picture because she is checking out what is under the bed. I really didn’t want her under there and Tyler doesn’t look to happy about it either. He is enjoying his new travel pad I got for him though from Comfy Critters of Cape Cod. I have 10 of their pads. They wash up just beautiful and as long as puppies don’t chew them up they last for ages.

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that, I am going to nap. Go visit Dlyn.