Cattle Dog National Specialty

We are home and what a week we had! It will take a couple more days to get through all the pictures and for me to write some descriptions of the awesome week we had.
In case you don’t know what a National Specialty show is, it’s a week long gathering for anyone owning an Australian Cattle Dog. There are AKC Agility trials, Obedience trials, Rally trials, Conformation and Herding competitions. Seminars, shopping at vendors selling dog paraphernalia, banquets and so much more. We entered agility and all 3 cattle dogs did Herding Instinct testing. More about that later this week. We also entered a couple fun conformation competitions. Nothing formal just fund raising competitions for the club hosting and practice for the real thing. So anyway, I’ll start with last weekend and describe our week.

The agility trial was great except it poured almost the entire time. Beta and Scott qualified and took first place in their first Novice FAST class. Jackaroo and I qualified in Excellent Jumpers with Weaves taking first place and earning 22 speed points toward our MACH title. I was absolutely floored that he also took High in Trial in Jumpers with Weaves. We won a gorgeous handmade pottery bowl. Doesn’t my boy look proud?

I am really proud of him even though the rest of our runs were not spectacular we did a respectable job at our first National Specialty.

On Sunday night Patty and Karl who own Roland one of Kindle’s litter mates, hosted a dinner for all of us attending the national who own dogs from Bryn Mawr, the kennel Beta and Kindle are out of. There were so many of us and it was great to show off our dogs and get to know each other. Kindle and her brother Roland had a lovely reunion.

Too bad I didn’t also take pictures of all the people. I was too busy meeting people and dogs and watching Kindle play with all the dogs. Cattle dogs are are fun to watch, they are very physical and love a good body slamming game.

Patty cooked us all a traditional Italian dinner with homemade gnocchi, pasta, lasagna and fantastic sauce. It was sooooo good! We became fast friends with Patty and Karl and spent lots of time with them. I didn’t realize until tonight that I don’t have any pictures of them, only of Roland. Geesh!

This is Gracie another fabulous Bryn Mawr girl.

I’ll leave you tonight with a short video of the puppy reunion. They tired each other out pretty well!

I have more to tell you about so come on back.