Dog Agility is done for 2008

We had a great time at our agility trial this last weekend. It was a 4 day show we entered just 3 days and got home last evening. The show was held at the Big E fairgrounds in Springfield MA in the large building that houses farm animals at the annual fair. For our show, they truck in tons of dirt for the rings and pack it down, which makes for excellent footing. Nice and level and cushy to run on for dogs and humans. The drawback is that by midday a haze of dirt and dust fills the building making it harder to breath and everything gets covered with it, I mean everything! We had to bathe all 5 dogs when we got home.
We still love that show site. Its huge and the show is too! We had really nice courses and great runs. Jackaroo and I managed to qualify once on Sunday. The rest of our runs were really close with just little mistakes that kept us from qualifying.
Here is our one Q for the weekend.

It was a wonderful run though I see lots of places for improvements. Isn’t Jackaroo a speedy little guy. Hard to believe he will be 9 years old the end of January!

Scott and Beta had some wonderful runs too which I will post about later this week or possibly next. My sister Dlyn and her husband Big Lar are visiting for Thanksgiving so we will be busy eating, cooking, eating, playing cards, eating, sipping wine, eating, shopping and oh we might go out to eat one night too. Should be big fun. (Go visit Dlyn’s log she is celebrating her one year anniversary of daily blogging! Congrats Dlyn!)

Check back for more on the show. This was also Kindle’s first stay in a motel since she was 9 weeks old. She made the most of it!

Even though this was the last show for us this year we will be back at it the first weekend in January. In the meantime I will be working on those improvements!