Dog Agility Rocks!

I LOVE Dog Agility!
Let me first say, I am not an athlete. I have never been an athlete. I was on the track team in high school and had to quit because I got sick. I took up jogging in my early 20’s fell off a curb and tore cartilage in my knee. Since then I have had 4 arthroscopic knee surgeries. I run funny, I an NOT graceful and I am not fast. But I love this sport. I have learned to be more physical and am in the process getting in shape, all the time. Someday I may even make it. But in the meantime I love the process.

I love dog training! I am totally intrigued, enthralled and challenged by how dogs learn, by how to get them to do what I want without coercion. It is amazing.

I love that my husband has chosen to be as enthralled with this sport as I am. It is a love and life we share. He was also willing to help me start a business surrounding dog agility and training and it has so blessed our lives.

Now before you think I am waxing maudlin, what I am trying to explain is why I keep doing this when things go like this.

well…. but sometimes they go like this.

I love my sport, I love my dog and I will do it again this weekend. Maybe I will have a new fantastic video to share with you.