It has been quite a week. With all the regular busy stuff that usually goes on in my life, might I add I love most of that busy stuff, this week has been a bit more stressful. But only because people I love are going through difficult times. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, an elderly friend of mine took a terrible fall and has cracked her pelvis in 3 places, broken her arm, had surgery and now is in a rehabilitation facility. A very close friend is living through watching her beloved mother pass away from this life. Another close friend deals daily with her mother’s increasingly fading health. I long to wipe away all this suffering for those I love but all I can do is be there and pray for them and their loved ones.

At church today our Pastor gave a message that to me seemed so timely. He reminded us we must live by faith in God even when we do not understand what we are living through or why we have to do it. I live by faith, but I only have that strength because it is a gift from God, as is His grace. (Ephesians 2: 8-10) Faith is trust in God that even when I don’t understand why we or others suffer He has a plan and holds us in His hands.

Our Pastor quoted George Mueller who once said “Difficulties are nothing more than food for faith to feed on.” So I turn to God who loves us and I lift these I love to the Lord and ask for His comfort and grace for each of them. I trust He will care for them and through these difficulties their faith will be fed and they, and I in turn, will be strengthened.