I am unabashedly an avid fan of football. I am sitting tensely next to my husband as we watch our New England Patriots battle the New York Giants in the last game of the regular season. When they win tonight they will be the first team to ever go 16-0 in the history of the game. So tense may be an understatement.

But the Giants are not rolling over and letting the Pats run over them, they’re making a game of it. So Scott and I are intermittently cheering, groaning and yelling at the TV. I have to admit I don’t always understand the strategies and I do have trouble seeing the blitz until it’s actually happening. But I love the non-stop action, the raw emotion the players exhibit and I always love the come from behind wins. Though I wish these guys were not making us experience the come from behind game tonight.

This team is phenomenal this year, breaking records repeatedly all season. Every week is exciting and the last few have been real nail biters as tonight is.

So we are perched on the edge of the couch with our fingers crossed, breathlessly waiting for the outcome. I hope to be back later cheering their hard fought win. In the meantime, I have hardly any nails left!