Front Door/Back Door Meme – February

My Friend C-Lee tagged me for this month’s Front door Back door meme so, here’s how we are looking in Massachusetts these days.

The backyard: Tyler always has to get in the shot.

And the Front:

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my side yard where lies my little veggie garden.

I can’t wait to fill this with new plants. Only a few weeks, 12 or something like that. Come on spring!

OK, I am tagging my friend Sheila over at We Three Corgis. Lets see your front and back yards!

Join in if you like – the guidelines are simple:
This is a photography meme.
1. Step out your front door and take a picture.
2. Step out your back door and take a picture.
3. Put them on your blog, along with the rules.
4. If there are things in the photos that you particularly like or dislike, you can point them out, or just explain what we are seeing. Maybe changes over the seasons or some junk in your neighbor’s yard that drives you nuts.
5. Tag as many or few people as you like – preferably at least one though.
6. Do it again next month if you like.