gotta blog

I’ve been a little busy the past few days so have not had time to put anything up here. I thought I would load a few pictures I have been working on.

These are my Valentines Day gifts. I carried Irises in our wedding so my really smart husband gets me irises most every Valentines Day. I just love how vibrant they are. The only problem is they don’t last long enough. See the card on the lower right? Scott and I each bought that card for the other. Cracked us up.

I stole this idea from Country Girl’s blog. My puny attempt at photography can’t compare to her talent and I love to visit there.
But look at the color of this iris. I did enhance the photo just a trifle but not the color. So gorgeous!

Lastly for tonight here is a photo I like but mostly it makes me understand I need another lesson at Dlyn’s Paint Shop Pro school not to mention basic photography itself. But it is pretty.