I am so proud of my boy!!!!

Jackaroo was amazing this last weekend at the Agility Trial!

We made a major breakthrough in our performance. He took FIRST PLACE in the Master Snooker class and got a super Q which means he got the highest points in the class. This is a difficult task especially because he runs in the 22″ class against all the Border Collies, but he did it.

Almost right after we had a miserable Standard run. I sat down and analyzed my handling (which is how I maneuver him through courses) in each class and realized I was being very conservative in the Standard run, trying to manage every detail instead of just running! In the Snooker class I ran not worrying about anything, just RAN! I thought I was really on to something.

The next run was the Grand Prix which sounds exactly like what it is, fast, fast, fast! I just ran it like my hair was on fire and Jackaroo read all my signals and qualified! We placed 7th! I was floored, could it be that simple? Just run? Simply stop managing every nitpicking thing and just go?

Yes! I believe it is that simple. We didn’t Qualify again last weekend but our runs were fun, fast, satisfying and Jackaroo was wonderful. I think he could not believe this was his mom! Seemed to tire him out a bit too.

So we have a three day show this coming weekend. I will once again put this new theory to the test and see how we do.

I am not sure but I think this might actually be a message to the border collies we usually have such a hard time beating. I hope all our border collies friends will forgive him this once.