I love museums

This last Friday we had a snowstorm here in Massachusetts. A couple of my friends had invited me to go to Boston to the Museum of Fine Arts and we were really looking forward to it. They are both teachers and it was school vacation week so we would have had to wait for a couple months if we postponed it. So even though it snowed like heck we went anyway and we had a fabulous time.
Visitors are allowed to take pictures as long as you don’t use a flash so I snapped a few photos of my favorite things.

This is a ewer, from 13th century Iran. A pitcher that has an inner vessel and an outer vessel. The outer vessel has all those holes that allow cool air to circulate and keep the inner vessel and its contents at a cooler temperature. The colors were fantastic.

This looks like a teapot but was actually used for punch. It was made in England in 1755 and I just love the design. My sister Dlyn will especially appreciate this as she likes to collect pottery that looks like food. Well lets not mention the banana bowl.

I love impressionist art. Monet being my absolute favorite. I love most of his paintings but this is the very best in my opinion. Morning on the Seine, near Giverny. When I stand and look at it I can almost go there. I find his paintings so romantic and satisfying. You can feel his love of nature.

Of course Water lilies is one of his most famous and just as wonderful.

This sculpture is called Psyche created in 1899 by french sculpter Auguste (Renรฉ) Rodin. It is so beautiful it takes your breath away. I had to really restrain myself from touching it. The marble is so inviting I still long to feel its smooth coolness.

They closed the museum at 2:00 because of the snow, apparently something that they never do, thwarting our plans for a leisurely lunch and an afternoon of wandering through exhibits. So we really only scratched the suface of what there is to see. I will need to go back many times to see a fraction of what is there. It changes seasonally too so I look forward to many more excursions.

There is more from this trip but I like to keep you all coming back for more.