I miss blogging!

I have been so busy the last couple weeks I have neglected blogging. I am still here but our office manager at our dog training school has been on vacation for 3 weeks. I have no idea how we ever did this without her and I will be so glad when she is back on Monday.
In the meantime here a couple more photos from the Cattle Dog National Specialty.

This was Kindle’s first foray into the conformation ring. We took 3rd out of 3 little puppy bitches. It was hysterical, she bounced her way through the whole class or was pulling to get to the pup ahead of her, so the judge really could not see her conformation. I know she is perfect though and she had a blast so that’s all that counts.

At least I can control her with food. She does love to eat and look how big she is!

See you all again soon. I will have more photos from the Nationals and videos of Kindle’s agility training . She is a genius!!!