I’m back

I actually got home from my trip last Tuesday. My sister and I flew the red eye from Phoenix last Monday and then got stuck in Newark (so lovely) for hours while we got to watch thunderstorms out the terminal window. It was impressive and i was just as glad to be inside the airport instead of in a plane.

So since getting home, I have cleaned the house, (Scott does a stellar job taking care of things but I am, well, particular), planned and taught my classes, went to Connecticut to visit my mother-in-law who decided to worry us all and get admitted to the hospital. (She is doing fine and going home today.) Then yesterday decided to wipe my laptop and and re-load it. Still working on that, (aaaaaahhhhhh).

But I wanted to say hi. I have a million pictures to post and much to tell about my trip. I will get to that this week. So HI!
See you later.