Its tough Job…

You guys know I am a dog trainer and like any job there good things about it and bad things about it. There are times when I am afraid I am in danger and there are times I am afraid I will be licked to death. But by far my favorite part of doing this for a living is when I do Puppy Temperament Testing.

Last Saturday I tested a litter of 5 Whippet pups. Oh my gosh, you talk about cute? Well just look!

The breeder is a student of mine. You may remember little Lacey the whippet learning the A-Frame back in January. These pups are from another dog that student owns.

The test helps determine what type of home each pup will be placed in. Whether they will live life as performance dogs competing in lure coursing or agility or whether they will be pets and companion dogs for children or seniors.
This is Connall,

and Dancer.

Mom Bridget with the whole family!!! The other pups are Murphy, Sloane and Keaton. Such lovely little pups.
They hardly ever stop moving so taking pictures was a challenge but I am sure you can see they were a delight to work with.
I love that I had a small part helping these little ones to homes where they will be loved members of the family.
Definitely the most fun part of my job.