It’s weigh-in day!

Hello Bloggy Friends.
Today I start updating you on my weight loss effort. It has been a big help to me to know you are all out there, on the edge of your seats, just waiting to hear the results of my first week after going public. Can’t wait can you?

It was a good week with the exception of some sort of plague I contracted and have been fighting the last 3 days.
In spite of that, I ate well and was able to get in some exercise. I even made it though Valentines Day without a hitch! Of course it helped my hunny brought me gorgeous irises instead of chocolate. Thanks Babe!

The result….I lost 2.8 lbs. Woohoo.
Lets celebrate with a hot fudge sundae!
Oh stop it I am kidding!

Seriously, knowing you are out there reading really helped me so please tell me you were here and how proud you are of me! Only 22.2 lbs to go!