Killing Time

My sister’s blog today encourages us to waste a little time during this busy holiday season and since she is much older and so she says wiser than I, I’m wastin‘ time!

Really it’s just an excuse to share some goings on in my home.
It’s snowing yet again today here in New England and the dogs insist this is the best time to play out doors.
Jack loves catching snowflakes. Since its been snowing all morning he’s had ample opportunity to catch lots of them. Every now and again he takes a break to race around the yard barking at birds. He apparently thinks they are not allowed to perch in any of his trees. The birds seem pretty unimpressed by this display. They simply look down at him with disdain, perching to their heart’s content.
Here is lovely picture of a Christmas gift from a friend. Rice crispy treats in shapes. I’ve not seen nor eaten these before and find I am entranced by their cuteness. But before long I will be forced to bite their little heads off. Though cute I bet they are very tasty too.

Lastly, and only because I really have to get busy preparing for our Christmas Open house on Saturday and I have to actually work this evening, this depicts the second favorite winter activity around here. Squirrel watching! This is only while they wait to go back outside for more bird watching and racing through the snow.


So there I have wasted a full 20 minutes resizing photos and blog playing. I guess I will go do something useful, though not as much fun.