Kindle finishes her MAD!

Woohoo, after many physical set backs for me, Kindle and I finally managed to finish her Master Agility Dog title at CATS USDAA Agility Trial under judge Tami McClung.

Kindle goes MAD!

Kindle goes MAD!

Doesn’t she look proud?

All we needed was 2 Master Standard Q’s… so after a year of not being able to get any, we managed to get 2 in one weekend and finish the title.

Now we taking a little competition vacation to get our mojo moviing again. We have not really been communicating well since I got hurt in May 2012.

Our next trial will be in AKC July 20 & 21. In the meantime, we train!

In the meantime, here are the Standard Runs that finished the MAD title. Enjoy!
Saturday, June 8th

Sunday, June 9th