Locks of Love

I am so proud of my husband Scott!!!

My hairdresser Carol owner of New Outlooks for Hair had a fund raiser today for Locks of Love . Locks of Love is an organization that provides hair pieces to childern suffering hair loss from medical conditions. I would love to do this but alas I keep my locks short. But Scott has always had very long hair and treasures it as his connection with his hippy, flower child past. But today he donated 15″ of his hair to this worthy cause. It was a hoot to watch him as he generously gave to help a child and he truly enjoyed himself.
Signing away that hair!
Before, his hair is soooooo long.The cut!!!!
Now, a nice cut and dry.
He looks a little nervous but
Carol is certainly enjoying this.
Some little child somewhere is going to get a gorgeous hair piece. Yay Scott!
The new do! and possibly seed hair for next year’s fundraiser.

Now we wait to cheer for the Pat’s in the superbowl.
Go Pats!!!!