Meet Kindle

Can you stand how cute this baby is?

I have tried a few names out on her, you all recall Rika from Smokin‘ Sweet Paprika, but it just didn’t fit her. We tried Mirrhiwhich is the aboriginal word for little girl, but it just didn’t seem right. Last night I did a word search on fire and found kindle.

Webster’s definition:

Kindle \Kin”dle\ (k[i^]n”d’l), v. i. 1. To take fire; to begin to burn with flame; to start as a flame.

It fits nicely, she has certainly started a fire in my heart and her new dad’s as well. I like the way it sounds and it is a great name for an agility, herding dog.
I am sure I will bore the tar out of you in the next few months but I am already enthralled with how fast she learns. I will also drone on about the training I am doing. Because I am a dog trainer my dog will be in situations most family dogs don’t have to deal with. She will do demonstrations for my classes, help me evaluate dogs with behavior problems, travel to dog shows, seminars etc. compete in obedience, agility and hopefully herding. So I am laying a foundation to help her be comfortable everywhere! This will be nice fodder for blogging so come on back if you are interested.

In the meantime I have to go walk Kindle cause all she does is eat, pee and poop. But I don’t mind. this stage passes quickly and I just love her.