More from Vacation

One of my favorite things we did on vacation was visit Ithaca’s Farmer market. We had a ball and so did many, many, many others!!!
Here’s a shot of the crowd. Oh the humanity!

There was lots to do, see, eat and buy. I had a fantastic cuban sandwich with a spicy bean salad. Oh and I had to have a Chili Relleno. Yum! I loved this fiddler. What do you think 11 or 12 years old maybe? He was fantastic!!!

I saw this tree practically the first thing and I really wanted it. But at $250- I let it stay in Ithaca.

We stopped at this gorgeous place on the way home, Fall Creek Falls in Ithaca.

Back home at my sister’s our parents and Grandma joined us for dinner. We started with hors d’oeuvres on the porch. Mark was in rare form and decide to show off his physique,

was ready for his close-up;

shared noogies with Uncle Scott;
and big hugs too.

Then Mark and Anna had a nice walk with their grandpa, Big Lar around the garden.

A really great day, and I cleaned up at poker that night too.
I want to go back!