More musem photos

I just loved this vase. I am a huge fan of Anne McCaffrey and her novels about the Dragons of Pern so this really caught my eye.

The finish on this was so gorgeous! It’s earthenware with lustre glazes from Hungary modeled about 1900 by Lajos Mack Manufactured by Zsolnay Manufactory, Hungary. I really wanted to slip it in my purse, I think they frown on that at the museum though and I’d really like to go back someday.

Then there was this vase. It reminds me of Jackaroo waiting for his dinner.
This hard paste porcelain vase also a dragon, was in a Japanese Palace and created by Johann Gottleib Kirchner about 1730. It is just beautiful.

This bed was so cool. It is English, from about 1800–1805 the design is attributed to: Thomas Hope (1769-1831)London, England made of oak and pine veneered with mahogany but of course its the dogs that caught my eye.

Close up of the dog. I just loved it!

Lastly for my big sister Dlyn one more lovely food inspired porcelain beauty. A triple pomade box and tray from England made around 1753.

I can’t wait to go back to see more. I am hoping to rope my friends into another visit on their next vacation. I don’t think I’ll have much trouble.