My baby is growing up

It has been awhile since I have updated on Kindle’s progress.

She is a hellion! And she is wonderful.
A bit of a challenge but a joy to work with and quite the snuggler.

For better or worse I have entered her in her first Agility Trial this coming September. She will have her coming out party at the Wachusett Kennel Club trial on September 19th.
We have a bit of work to do before then (oh my gosh why, why, why did I enter her!!?) but I don’t expect her to take first place or anything I just want to see what we’ve got so far.

She is so different from Jackaroo, the most marked thing is that she runs quietly. You may remember Jackaroo barks the ENTIRE time he runs. Without all that noise I can think while I run Kindle. And though she is fast, she is responsive and works away from me. Jack is what we call in the biz a “Velcro” dog. I can’t get him off me!!!!
Kindle is also just a gorgeous jumper. Jackaroo is a bit challenged but after all he is a cinder block with legs. Kindle is lighter boned and elegantly shaped but just as powerful as her muscle bound big brother. Do you think I like her a bit?

I can’t wait to start her, but mostly I just love her! And look, this is what I see when I am driving.

What do you think people?! Gorgeous or what?