New Beginnings

Re-starting a blog is really a daunting task. I can’t possibly fill in the 3 years I lost when my blog got hacked so I am going to try to fill I’m going to fill in stuff as we go along. I’m going to have a little time to do that because I am having my knee replaced on December 17th.

In May I was having problems with my right knee, after some Physical Therapy and a cortisone shot it really improved and I was feeling better than I had in years. But, then I hurt my left knee while running agility with Kindle. I irritated the arthritis to the point of huge swelling and pain that was, well debilitating. It has just not improved much even after cortisone and SynVisc and continued Physical Therapy. So this is the next step. Sort of ironic I am ending up having the left knee replaced when this started this year with the right knee.

Both knees May 2012

And now, I’m all ready, labs are done, the surgery is scheduled, my staff and business partner are arranging their lives to cover my classes. Scott and I have been setting up my new digs in the dog room, I have rented a hospital bed, borrowed a walker and various other accessories to help with my recovery. And my sister is planning her trip to Massachusetts to help us out when Scott has to go back to work. And I am so ready to have this done!

I’m looking forward to getting past the surgery and starting the recovery. But first, I report to the hospital Monday morning at 8:30. My goals, to be back at SureFire Dogs teaching agility and obedience classes by February 5th and to run Kindle at our next USDAA trial February 15th-17th. Ambitious? Maybe, but that’s what I’m planning to do.

So, I hope you’ll come along or the journey. I’ll take encouragement and cheers as you offer!