New truck on the way

We have been shopping for a new vehicle. My present Ford Expedition which is much used and much loved has about 147,000 miles on it and is starting to show some wear. So we have shopped around and seen a few choices. You would think in this age of energy efficiency when everyone is buying up hybrid cars it would be easy to find a whole bunch of gas guzzling big honking SUV’s we can fit 5 dogs in. But it has not been easy.
We finally found one tonight. Well its not exactly the one I wanted because its silver and I didn’t want silver, I had a silver Expedition for 7 years. (Big sigh.) But the price, the mileage and everything else is right.
So soon I will post a picture of the new Expedition. It is very pretty and drives nicely. It also has a CD player which I didn’t have before. So truly I am happy. Too bad you can’t paint a vehicle as easily as a room.
Stay tuned.