Out with the old

Eleven years ago we built this kennel for our dogs.
Back then we only had Tasha and 2 old dogs who are now in doggie heaven. This was before we had maniacal cattle dogs who need to RUN! We since have fenced about an acre of our property and that helps the cattle kids to get more exercise. But we kept this old run as it was part of the total fencing. It unfortunately became a sort of outdoor junk room. But this year we realized it was really falling to wrack and ruin and had to be removed. So this last weekend we tackled it.

It started like this on Saturday.

We made good progress even though I deserted Scott to go take an agility lesson with baby Kindle.

We had to tear down the old fencing, install a gate and re-install the chain link in a new configuration.
It ended up like this.

With the exception of a bit of yard work left to do we were able to get it all done.
And we even had time for a family swim before dark.