Pheonix Trip

Its been difficult to get back to blogging since my trip. So I’ll try to catch you all up on what I’ve been up too.
First I am so glad I was able to go to Phoenix and be there for my brother Scott.

It was a difficult for us all but of course especially so for him. He has started the slow process of healing and my family has pulled together to support him. In spite of the sadness it was wonderful to spend time together. I am reminded how wonderful family is, what a gift they are. When we walk through really hard times there are people who we belong to who truly care and are ready to throw their arms around us and see us through.

Phoenix is just beautiful. A little more crowded than I like but still a really nice to visit.
I got some awesome pictures and it will take me months to share them all.
Here is just a sampling.
This palm is in my parents backyard and I just love it. Their pool is pretty nice too.

I caught this sunset in their backyard too.

These mountains are on the way to my youngest brother Jason’s home in Maricopa. The landscape is so different from the North East. So sparse but the beauty is unbelievable. This same day we saw a herd of wild ponies out there. Very cool.
We spent a lovely day at the home of my future sister-in-law Jean who is to marry my brother Kurt. She lives out in the desert and her home and yard are gorgeous.
More about Jean another day. (Hi Jean!) (I really like her!)

This moon bid us goodnight.
More tomorrow.