Poor Jackaroo

I know spring is on its way because the bees were out last weekend. Buzzing about probably searching for a great place to build the new hive, checking out the status of flowers and projecting when honey production can commence. I think the queens are promised bonuses if there is a good yield this year.
Our own Jackaroo who seems to be a bee magnet had his first run-in this year with a Yellow Jacket. They’re particularly nasty bees and really don’t seem to need a lot of provocation to sting. They don’t make honey either so really I see no purpose for them. I guess the cross pollination thing is a good reason for existence. But, do they have to be so ill tempered?

Now Jackaroo is no shrinking violet. I have seen him kill several snakes and he is fast and efficient about it and certainly not afraid of them. In fact if he sees a snake it is indeed difficult to keep him from killing it. He is very unhappy if I am present as I do not allow snake eating. (Is that a form of sushi, hmmmm no, I guess that would be eels not snakes.)
But, I digress.

Scott was out working on Sunday and all the dogs were out there helping (read getting in the way, chasing wheelbarrows and getting underfoot). Jack who is always bringing a ball just in case you want to take a break and toss it for him was milling about. He started crying (poor baby) and Scott saw a huge yellow jacket crawling away. He immediately realized it had stung our little red boy. Into the house they came for me to take charge of the patient. That’s one of my jobs you know. Jack looked quite pitiful, limping and worrying over his foot. It was slightly swollen and if you’ve ever been stung by a yellow jacket you know it hurts!!
Thankfully it does not appear Jack is allergic to bees but I doctored him up. Have you ever tried to hold an ice pack on a Tasmanian devil’s foot. Not an easy job.

After just a few minutes he was quite recovered but milked it for a while for some extra cookies and sympathy. He held the foot up off the floor and looked at us with big ole sad eyes.

He seems to have suffered no long term effects.
The bee didn’t fare quite as well. Scott stepped on it.

Oh well at least this is a sure sign of spring!