Sharp Shooters

Last week Scott and I took a pistol safety class. I wasn’t sure how I would like it but the class was really interesting. I learned to load a revolver and semi-automatic, how to clean a hand gun and lots of safety stuff. It was very interesting and the guy teaching the class was entertaining. I was really pleased I scored a 94 on the written test. Scott got 100, show-off!

On Saturday we finished the class at the shooting range and that was really fun. We shot everything from an old style single action .22 revolver to a .45 semi-automatic. The instructor also had a 460 revolver, it was mammoth. I didn’t shoot that, the percussion from everyone else shooting it was enough for me.
Here’s a small sampling of the guns we used.

I got used to the recoil and the noise pretty quickly and concentrated on my aim. I did much better than I thought I would. I was sure I would never hit the target and truly my shooting was quite respectable. Not only did I hit the target but had my share of bulls eyes.
Here I am shooting a .38 double action revolver. I loved this gun, it was very accurate and with .357 cartridges packed quite a punch, er, boom!Scott’s a really good shot but he has had guns for years and so has more experience than I. It was fun to go together and we met some really nice people.
So I’m hooked. I’m applying for a license. I really need to practice until I hit that bulls eye every time!