Sick day!

I feel rotten today. I have been nursing a bad cold, cough thing since last Friday and I am not happy about it!
It’s nice outside. I could be trimming things and raking or cleaning up the screen porch. But here I am on the couch.

Oh I have stuff to do, lesson plans to write, behavior clients who need their programs tweaked, and I can be productive even feeling like a zombie.

But….its St. Patrick’s day and I am going to miss all the fun! We hang out at a little Irish pub in Ayer and of course today is a big day for them. It’s called J.P. O’Hanlon’s and it is our home away from home. I always joke if we don’t show up on Friday night, they call the house to check on us.

No green beer here just good Irish music, food and awesome beers! It’s always a fun time and we join our good friends Hal and Irene and pretend we’re Irish for the day. Well, actually Hal is Irish, but the rest of us, just wannabes. Here they are last year decked out for the day.

Today they will have to celebrate without me. I am sure they will not appreciate my spewing germs as I hack into my Guinness and really I don’t even think I could taste it.

So Happy St. Paddie’s day to ye. I wish ye all lots of craic, but not too much since I won’t be there.

(Don’t know what Craic is. Go look it up, and yes its legal!)