You know I really don’t like winter. I do my best to stay cheery and find projects to work on but I really don’t like cold weather. So I guess it is a bit strange that I love snowmen. I have a whole collection in fact.

I get them as gifts, in fact in the photo above the couple on the right were from my friend Grace for Christmas this year. She knitted them herself. Pretty cute huh?

Look they’re ready for their close up.

I got this little guy in Stowe Vermont when Scott and I had a romantic getaway weekend. It always reminds me what a wonderful time we had.

Each little snowman has some meaning, memory or a good friend attached to them. Each is special to me.I put them out each year with the Christmas decorations and usually leave them out until the first signs of spring. This year I put them away at the end of the holidays hoping perhaps that would hurry an early spring but instead winter tightened its grip and has held us even tighter than usual.

Next year I am leaving these guys out until April. In the meantime I will have to enjoy them here and just keep waiting for warm breezes and green growing things to break winter’s icy grip.

Hmm I am waxing poetic tonight!