Thanksgiving is over

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. We had a wonderful time with my sister dlyn and her husband Big Lar. I am always sad when they go home but I am ready to get back to “normal” life. In the next couple weeks we will be preparing for Christmas and our annual Open house but here a few highlights from Thanksgiving.

Jackaroo was especially happy to see his Uncle Larry. Jack is the founding member and president of the Uncle Larry fan club.

It’s hard to get clear pictures of them because Jack tries give Uncle Larry many kisses.
Kindle is new to the fan club so she looked on from afar with her dad. Though as the days went on she became the newest inductee.

We cooked and baked. Here are our gorgeous pies

Dlynis of a course a baker and cook extraordinaire but our mama didn’t raise no bad cooks, so I do hold my own. Between the two of us we created a wonderful feast.

My mother-in-law sent us a really nice bouquet for our table. Thanks Mad!
And the table looked very nice! I would have taken more pictures but this was about the time the furnace started screaming and we had to shut it off and call our furnace guy. The furnace is only a couple years old so we were a bit dismayed by this turn of events but probably not so much as our furnace guy who left his steaming turkey and stuffing to come to our house to work! He did get it going but had to come back the next day and charge us big bucks to replace stuff.

So Dlyn and Big Lar are on their way home and we a rattling around getting used to the quiet of our house again. Some of us are just exhausted!