The family dogs

My family loves dogs. We all have at least one. Well OK, I far out number everyone else with my five hooligans.

But just look at this array of canine beasties.
Most of you know the famous blogging dog Riley owned by my sister Dlyn.
So handsome!

Then we have my brother Scott’s dogs. His new pup Ronnie, a Klein Poodle. What a cutie! She was only one day off the plane from Georgia when I snapped this. She has been a wonderful comfort for him since losing Debra.

Scott also has Lucky.
She was Debra’s dog so is very special to him.

Yes she only 3 legs but I understand she is “lucky” just to be alive.

My brother Kurt owns Randi. If I lived closer to Phoenix she would go missing… straight to my house because I just love her! I mean look at that face!!!!! Kurt really lucked out she was a stray in his neighborhood and is just a perfectly behaved little girl.

My brother Jason has 2 dogs. His little girl Corey has Orion, a cute little white poodle pup. Here they are together.

And his wife Robin has Donut, this rambunctious little terrier mix. I think he’d make a great agility dog. Imight steal him too

So you see, its not only me who has gone to the dogs. Its all of us.