The Pub!

It’s Friday!
Every Friday Scott and I are in town we have dinner at a little neighborhood Irish pub. We are very fond of it. I truly look forward to it every week.
The food is good and they have really, really good beer.
Now I don’t want you all thinking I am a lush or anything. My days of drinking to the point of falling down, walking into walls or ending up waking the next day with a pounding head are long gone. But I do love a good beer.

I do NOT drink light beer. I would prefer water to that. I like stouts, porters, good wheat beers and a Murphy’s Irish Amber will make my heart sing. Scott feels much the same though he prefers a nice bitter IPA.

On top of all that, the owners of the “Pub” have become friends, family. The waitstaff know us by name and even fight over who will wait on us. So flattering! We have also made some very good friends with other “regulars”. It’s like Cheers, we walk in and people yell Scott! Louise!
We love it.

So its Friday and in a few minutes we will head out to relax and watch the Patriots while we enjoy dinner and a good beer, at our home away from home.

Hmmmm should I have the Fire & Ice steak tips or Bangers and Mash…..

Want to visit? Check their website J P O’Hanlon’s and come on down. We’ll save you a seat!