The squirrel battle

I have been doing battle with a family of gray squirrels who seem to think my bird feeders are their own private a buffet. You remember this post, Smorgasbord.
I love watching the birds so knew I had to find a way to discourage this squirrel gluttony.

I started with this baffle.
Because our squirrels had learned to shimmy this pole, the little buggers!
It has worked great!
This last weekend I got the first squirrel proof feeder.
They are a little pricey so I will wait a couple weeks to replace the other larger feeder by the driveway.
This morning while having my coffee and watching the birds, the gray gang arrived and were shocked to find the buffet closed to them. They tried a few approaches all to no avail.

Ha! It was satisfying to see them settle on the ground to munch on the leavings.
Too bad I didn’t snap a few photos of the perplexed looks.

I can’t wait to replace the other feeder.