Time to introduce the baby

Our youngest dog is Bryn Mawr’s All Rev’d up aka Beta. She is the world’s smallest Australian Cattle Dog or at least the smallest I have ever seen. Here ins her baby picture she was about 9 weeks in this picture.

Who could resist that little face! Our breeder thought she would be a good choice for us because she was small but scrappy. Too small to go into the conformation ring or to be used for breeding even though she is a beautiful little cattle dog, but small is a plus for agility. Because Beta is small boned she extremely athletic and FAST!
She is tough too, being the smallest of her litter she had to be. Here is a picture of Scott with the whole the litter. You’ll notice the pup closest to Scott is indeed Beta.

She is extremely confident and very smart so has been a joy to train. She is now Scott’s main agility competition dog and they have done really well together. She just turned 4 in early December and they are already competing in AKC Excellent level and USDAA Advanced and Master levels. We expect great things from her.

Our breeder Monica was right about her being a good fit in our rowdy bunch. She absolutley adores Tasha and nothing beats a good game of chase with the boys. Beta and Jack are hilarious playing together. It’s like a kind of doggie ballet. I am going to try to capture a video of it.

We had a difficult time with Beta’s health for a while. She has food allergies and it took us awhile to figure out what was wrong with her. While going through that she contracted lyme disease and almost died. Our dogs never do anything half way, they always go all out.
Here is Beta now. Isn’t she a beauty?

She is a fast little agility dog too. It’s a joy to watch her and Scott run.

Here’s a photo of the daring duo.

Soon we will begin our dog show season and I hope to keep up with this blog to track our progress through the summer.

I hope you’ll check back to see how we’re doing.