Weezee, weezeeing

It was a dark and stormy night, suddenly there was a CRASH of thunder. Oh no, that’s me, coughing, coughing, coughing and coughing. I can’t believe I still have this cold/congestion/cough/plague thingy. This is week 4 and it is really terrible.

Two weeks ago I taught 1 and canceled 6 of the classes I usually teach each week. Then I made it through the next week but I had to cancel one class this week and braved my way through the others while having coughing fits. My students are very understanding and said they still learned stuff. I hope they weren’t just humoring me.

The worst part of this, well besides being incredibly weary and sore from coughing is that the weather is so nice and my gardens are calling to me. I have bags of garden soil piled up to fill in the veggie garden and leaves to be removed from flower beds, raking, trimming and all the spring stuff I love to do sitting, waiting, for me, to get well.

So I am back on the couch, waiting, weezeeing, coughing, hopefully healing.
And they are waiting too.

(big sigh) OK give me sympathy friends.