Weezee’s Amazing Journey

OK maybe not so amazing to most but I a trip I gotta take. I have been considering this for a few days and finally have decided to go public with my weight loss effort.
Now usually I would run from even mentioning that I am a lifetime Weight Watcher member who is NOT at goal but serious times call for serious measures. In this case I need a little more accountability.

My goal is to lose 25 pounds by June 1st. I think its doable. I will not be posting how much I weigh. I was raised to believe ladies never discuss such things in public and I think that is a policy I will cling to forever! But I will post my weigh-ins every week. I attend my meeting and get weighed every Tuesday and today…. well lets just say I will start that business next Tuesday.

Why you may ask have I decided to make this commitment now. Well because I have this new little baby puppy to prepare to compete with. She is awesome and fast and I don’t want to hold her back. Plus that whole I’m not getting any younger thing.

So there you have it. I know a few of my regular readers are also Weight Watcher members so I look forward to your encouragement and support and recipes. So come on bloggy friends saddle up. The journey begins.