Weigh-in and catching up

No pics today because I am writing from the office. Its been a really busy week, and I am behind updating a few things so thought I would do a quickie post.

Jackaroo did great last weekend at our first agility trial of the season. We didn’t qualify in any runs but he did run great and I was very concerned the spondylosis would affect him. But until the last run on Sunday he was a real trooper and did fine. I pulled him from the last jumpers run because I just didn’t like how he was acting. We had a blast though! its nice to be able to keep running with him.

I also lost weight again this week. Down another 1.4 lbs. It seems to be taking forever but whatever. I have lost 8 lbs and still I have 17 to go but I will get there. Maybe not by June 1st but I WILL get there!

Lastly I have been very remiss in celebrating a couple birthdays so those pics will show up shortly.
Kindle turned 1 year old on April 15th. I think I really didn’t want to admit my baby was all growed up but alas she is a year old.

Tyler our Cinco do Maya dog turned 12 years old on Tuesday this week. Unbelievable! didn’t we just get him?
So Happy Birthday to my doggie children.
And you all have a great day.