We’re expecting!

Yes, it’s true we are getting a new baby. We are very excited and just look how beautiful she is.

Yup another Australian Cattle dog and a red to boot. She is 8 weeks old and I pick her up next week. My sister Dlyn, photographer extraordinaire will make the trip with me so it will be well documented. Our current youngest dog Beta came from this same breeder so will go along to visit with Grammy and Gramps and meet her new little sister.

What a face!

I have not named her yet but we are kicking around a few names. My favorite so far is Wooleston Smokin‘ Sweet Paprika and we would call her Rika. We thought about Bandito but discovered it is a very common name. If you have a good idea give us a suggestion. It must start with her kennel name, Wooleston and I expect her to be high drive and fast so put your thinking caps on.

One last photo. This little one is to be my new obedience/agility/herding competition dog but after seeing her conformation I might also take my first plunge into the breed conformation ring.
Look out Westminster!

What do you think!? I can’t wait to get my hands on her.