Will winter never let us go?

This winter has been cold, snowy, wet, and LONG! I have tried not to complain but really! Enough already! I want to garden, I want to rake my yard. I want to go for a walk in the woods and swat at bugs!!!!
But it’s a bit warmer now here in the northeast and Winter is slowly yielding to spring, but it’s not going peaceable like. I was out last weekend during the torrential rain storm we had.
This is a the little brook down the road from us. As you can see it ain’t so little anymore.

If so inclined we could do a little white water rafting. I’m counting my blessings because if that storm had been snow we’d still be digging out. So I find hope of spring in that I did not have to shovel any of that precipitation.

Since last weekend we’ve had sleet, rain, snow and yes, even a glimmer of sun.
Winter is not giving up yet, we are due for more “weather” this weekend. But it is warmer and the feet of snow on the ground is melting to inches. Just in time too, I am pining for warm breezes and sunshine. It’s coming, soon, soon.