Woohoo I have my new baby!!!

Well my sister Dlyn and I treked to Pennsylvania on Tuesday and picked up my new baby dog. She is AWESOME!!!! You can see a short chronicle of our trip if you click at Dlyn’s blog AND, there are couple pictures of the baby. We had to stay in a motel and she was pretty good, only a little screaming. Beta our baby (well formerly baby) cattle dog went too. She loves her new sister but is a bit jealous of all the attention the pup gets from me.

Training has already begun. I have charged up the clicker and taught her to sit and down and we are working on hand touches. She is way smart and I am just thrilled with her!
I am a little tired though. I imagine it is a bit like having a new human baby. An eating, peeing, pooping machine so my sleep has been intermittent at best. But it will be so worth it.

Here’s one picture I took. The rest were mostly a blur since she never stops moving unless she’s asleep.

Oh and I still have not settled on a name so leave me a suggestion.