You gotta have friends

My trip to the museum last Friday was awesome. Days where you get to wander with no plan except to look at beautiful things and learn about them are rare. So the trip in itself was a joy but I also got to share it with two of my favorite buddies, Judy and Cathy.

When we first started out at 9AM it was just snowing lightly. We discussed whether to take the commuter train from close to home, drive part way to Boston and take the train, or just drive right to the museum in Boston. Since the roads were fine we ended up driving right to the museum and parking in the garage across the street.

I should say Judy drove all the way to Boston. Cathy and I supported her by chatting and cheering her on all the way.

When we arrived at the museum we took a few moments to decide where to start, Cathy studied the map and we discussed whether to take a tour or wander on our own. As it turned out most of the guides were told to stay home because of the storm. So we rented headsets that tell you about what you are seeing and meandered through the European and American collections.

At about 1PM a museum worker came and told us they were closing the museum at 2:00 because of the storm. So though we had planned lunch at the museum restaurant and an afternoon of wandering, then of course shopping at the gift shop, we had to cut our visit short. We headed to the gift shop because, what is trip into Boston without at least some shopping!
When they turned the lights out we made our way back to the parking garage and headed for home. We decided to have a late lunch closer to home so stopped at Not your Average Joe’s, a fairly new restaurant near us. I recommend it, the food was fabulous.

The car was buried when we came out so after a short snowball fight and Judy brushing the car off we headed for home.
We had an absolutely wonderful time, not only at the museum but the trip there and back was filled with laughter, chatting and just some nice time spent with great friends. We have decided we need to go back soon so we can wander more. Tomorrow I have more pictures of my favorite things from the museum.