Hip Hip Hooray for Lacey and Patty

You guys know I teach agility dog training classes, right? I teach people to train their dogs to compete and really it is a great job.

I get to spend lots of time with dogs and other nutty people who love dogs and I get paid for this. What a country!

I have students who started their puppies with me when they were only just a few months old and I am able to watch them develop with their owners into a team.

One such team is Patty and Lacey. Lacey is a gorgeous black whippet and it was apparent from the first that she is something special. Her owner is also someone special. Patty works hard and they are both a joy to have in class.

Late last year they competed in their first Agility Trial at the Whippet National Specialty. They did really well qualifying and taking first place in Standard and though they didn’t qualify in Jumpers with Weaves had a very respectable run. They still took high in trial and I was so proud of them. Usually a handler will have a picture taken with the judge to commemorate the run but Patty wanted her picture to be with me because she said it was my teaching and coaching that helped them to take the prize! I am very flattered.

So here we are.

A couple weeks ago they went to their second trial. They competed for 3 days and qualified twice in Standard, finishing Lacey’s Novice Standard title and qualified twice in Jumpers with Weaves, so they need only one more jumpers Q (qualifiy) to finish her Novice Jumper title. Oh yes and I almost forgot, they also took first place in all four runs! Woohoo!

I am so proud and happy for them.
Here they are with all their ribbons.

The other dogs better watch out! They are an awesome team and I predict they will continue to eat up courses!!! Go Patty & Lacey!