Jackpot! Working the Recall

In my last post To come or not to come that is the question I mentioned using a Jackpot to reward your dog. This is an extremely effective tool.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a Jackpot as: an impressive, often unexpected success or reward.

Like playing a slot machine in a casino.

People sit and pump coins into a slot machine anticipating they will win the big Jackpot. Why? Well because they have won before or they saw someone else win and hope to hit the big one! And why not, when the machine pays off it’s a flood of coins accompanied by flashing lights and blaring horns while the winner cheers. The result, the winner and many people watching will most likely sit down and play again.

This is the same philosophy in jackpotting your dog.
Train a behavior, a sit, shake, rollover, whatever and when you get a really good one, jackpot it!

Pay out a whole bunch of treats one at a time while lavishly praising your dog. Chances are your dog will repeat the behavior just to test if he will get that fantastic jackpot again!

And lucky you, because you jackpotted a really good behavior it will most likely improve your dog’s future performance and result in faster responses.
Here is a short video that shows how to pay out an effective jackpot.

Kindle loved helping us make this video. It was indeed difficult to convince her we had a good one and were not going to continue. She kept sitting and then running to me in hopes she would get another of those jackpots!
She is an over achiever.
Give it a try and let me know how it affects your results.