More puppy stuff

I have had 7 dogs since I became an adult and each has been a new experience especially since I started formally training dogs and teaching others to train their dogs. Kindle is number 8.
Watching little Kindle grow, change and learn is just fascinating. Because I have specific goals in mind for her, I have started her training with a particular “bend” toward those goals. One thing I desire for her is independence but still a strong bond with me. So I am letting her experience the world with my support.
She is discovering the toys in the yard and is experimenting playing with them. Sometimes she stalks them and pounces on them, but sometimes she is frightened of them and backs away barking at them. Once she figures them out she is crazy for them!

She has also experimented with going farther away from me in the yard. She keeps a good eye on me though and if she gets too far away she comes running back to get her courage. I reward her and send her off to continue investigating.

More tomorrow.